Monday, 17 April 2017


Mrs. Czarnota and I have managed to reschedule our art gallery and slam poetry cafe for Weds April 26th!

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

This WEDNESDAY APRIL 26th at 12:30 the grade ⅞ class here at Shanty Bay will be hosting a SLAM POETRY CAFE and ART GALLERY!

Students will be presenting their slam poems during the cafe! Afterwards, there will be time to tour our art gallery showcasing the art research projects!. Students researched an artist of their choice, detailed a short biography, wrote an essay analysis on a piece of their artwork, and then created an artwork of their own in that artist’s style!

The event starts at 12:30 in the tech room downstairs! Please sign in at the office!

Julie Johnson, grade ⅞ teacher and  Heather Czarnota, teacher-librarian

Monday, 10 April 2017


Please check out the new history page to see history tasks and assignments.


We will be having Eastview math teachers visit our class on April 26th!

That means we will need to switch the date of our art gallery/slam poetry cafe!

It has thus been MOVED AHEAD to Monday April 24!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Slam Poetry Cafe Coming Soon!

We have started Slam Poetry with Mrs. Czarnota!

On April 26, we will have a public exhibition with an ART GALLERY and A SLAM POETRY CAFE.

During this event, open to parents and the community, we will showcase our ART research/creations (see Art Research page for more details) AND our Slam Poetry performances.

Check the Slam Poetry page listed in the page bar above for resources and (soon) more details on the project.

This video, shown to students today, should help students get started!


First of all, students have now selected an artist to research for our upcoming art gallery exhibition April 26. (see page on Art Research Task for more details)

Second of all, students are well on their way to completing their Dream Vacations! Presentations are set! (see page above to learn all about this Financial Literacy/Oral Language/Media project)

Lastly, we went on our first community walk of the spring! We will continue to take these walks to a) be together as a class community, b) enjoy nature/exercise (great for health/stress reduction!) and c) apply our artistic eye to our personal experiences!

On our first trek, students were asked, in pairs, to decide on an image/photo that best represented the walk to them. Then they uploaded them to our instagram account (see sidebar to link to our class instagram)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Key reminders for tonight!

DUE DATE for grad trip! Forms and first installment needed by FRIDAY!

THURSDAY TOMORROW is a community walk!!! Come prepared for the weather!!