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DREAM VACATION: Financial Literacy & Oral Presentation


*You may work with a partner if you choose.

Task: You have been given an imaginary $7500 each to spend on a dream vacation. You are are to create a media/oral presentation about your travel plans and costs.


  • Your trip must include all budget costs, starting right from the moment you leave home to the moment you get back. 
  • Your trip must include daily expenses and daily totals. 
  • Your trip must include a budget tally at the end (Total Cost)
  • Your trip must not exceed  $7500 each
  • Your trip cannot be to an 'all inclusive' location
  • Your trip must be outside of Ontario
  • Your trip costs must be in CAN dollars (you can easily convert currencies using SIRI and the internet)

  • Your trip must include a CULTURAL component, a SPORT component, and a NATURE component
  • You can go anywhere in the world, assuming you can pay for the airfare there and back and nightly lodgings!
  • Your trip cannot exceed 5 days. (5 days start after your travel day)
  • Your media content needs to include a title page & pictures related to your trip/destination
  • Your content needs to have sources and be properly researched...you can look up everything on the internet, from airfare and hotel costs to admission costs to transit costs and so on...
  • Media of your choice!

Trips to be presented April 11-13.
You will be slotted 8 in class periods to complete. Any additional time needed to be taken outside of class, at home. 

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