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Photo-A-Day Project 2015-2016

When in my class, one student a day will take a picture of the school environment to reflect school life, & write a caption for it. No student faces (or personal info) will be included. This task is to promote digital citizenship, creativity, writing, & media communication.


'This class is awesome!' Mrs. J
'What are you?' Maya
'Find happiness in yourself.' Robert

'Let your creativity flow.' Mady
'Unicorns express your imagination' Carina

"Safety first" Felix

"Express feelings with colour" Nicole

'Respect others and yourself" Chloe

"Achieve your goals" Jared
'Breakfast is healthy for you." Tyra
DAY 10
"Just keep swimming." Olivia
DAY 11
"Reach for the stars." Mollie

DAY 12
"Stay positive." Michael
DAY 13
"Use your time wisely." Hannah

DAY 14
"Sometimes it's good to think inside the box." Matt
DAY 15
"Use your creativity" Sulli

DAY 16
"Pick your target" Hunter
DAY 17
"Problems might stack up like rocks but you can hold them." Trent

DAY 18
"Don't get stuck in the future. Enjoy the present" Blake
PS. It is Oct. 21, 2015 

DAY 19

"Everyone is unique in their own way" Chase

DAY 20
'What lies inside?' Desmond
DAY 21
'Happy Halloween!' Tom
DAY 22
"Banish boring words" Maya
DAY 23
"Thank you friends from Hawaii" Robert
DAY 24
"Don't give up" Mady
DAY 25
"Show your colours." Carina
DAY 26
"Lest we forget" Felix
DAY 27
"Don't let anyone drag you down." Nicole
DAY 28
"Use your prior knowledge" Chloe
DAY 29
"The ceiling protects us from dangerous things" Jared
DAY 30
"You can pretty much learn from anything." Tyra
DAY 31
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Michael

DAY 32
'Colouring can take your stress out.' Hannah
DAY 33
"Experimenting is fun" Olivia

DAY 34
"The music is the spice of life" Matt
DAY 35
"Have a happy new year!" Sulli
DAY 36
"Be a bookworm" Hunter
DAY 37
"Is everyone ready for Animal Farm?" Trent
DAY 38
"Pizza! What a wonderful thing!" Blake
DAY 39

"It's BB8!" Chase
DAY 40
"If you don't see something good in you, get a better mirror." Desmond
DAY 41
"Swirling vortexes of colour" Thomas
DAY 42

"Stay Safe" Robert 
DAY 43
"Just do it even though its backwards" Nicole
DAY 44
"You are a star" Maya
DAY 45
"Bring this in tomorrow so you can go!" Mady
DAY 46
"Don't let it eat you!" Carina
DAY 47
"You can make anything a work of art" Chloe
DAY 48
"Don't forget to watch the fan films on our youtube channel!" Jared